Road Trip from Bolzano to Cortina, Italy via The Great Dolomite Road Glad you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll have a fantastic trip to Italy! after all the beauty of these road trips is that you can change your itinerary on a whim. A Tuscany road trip to check out medieval hill towns and drink full-bodied reds was high on the priority list. While most travelers to Italy head to the triptych Rome-Florence-Venice, Turin appears to remain off the tourists’ radar. Ah, Italy… my country, my pride, my love! Slowly, savoring the panoramic scenery that only my beautiful country can offer. Fast forward to October 2017, when Nick and I travelled to Italy for the first time with his sister Ashley and her now husband Dale (who goes to Italy for their 35th country?! Hi Clelia, your blog on road trip to Italy is just vividly marvelous. This will be my first trip to Italy. Mostly on purpose as I see it as a place that has no real locals but just tourists. While many travelers enjoy a tour of Italy’s most famous monuments (or indeed a walking food tour of one of its most culinary neighborhoods! Yes, being Italian I’m biased but not without reason! Gardasee.. Artikel von I have been to most places in Italy including Sardinia and Sicily. Apart from so many great things, it needs to be said that Italy can surely improve infrastructures, customer service and cleanliness of public places (it isn’t bad, but not “top notch”). Great for an interesting night out in Turin! I usually never do this, but to give you an idea you can check this picture I took and put on Instagram and this other one which has a truly lovely story behind it. Check out this amazing experience in. The Ultimate Italian Road Trip. Sounds a great way of giving a treat to myself and my wife for our anniversary! !” so we are just laid back for a few things I guess. A southern Italian Itinerary is coming soon (I couldn’t include that because of lack of time to visit everything of course). The best way to see Italy in 10 days, exploring a tiny bit of everything, is by flying into Milan and flying out from Naples. Now on with the second part… the beautiful southern Italy, soon to be published (soon can mean 1 week to a month!) This is my dream destination, I would like to visit here someday. Highly recommended as the guides are usually locals. OTHER THINGS TO DO IN BOLOGNA AND EMILIA ROMAGNA: 2 WEEKS ITALY TINERARY DAY 11 – 12 | CINQUE TERRE, MONTEROSSO AL MARE  | VERNAZZA | CORNIGLIA | MANAROLA | RIOMAGGIORE. What would you suggest is the easiest route to take? Equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth stirred and served over ice with a twist of orange peel – the Negroni may be an easy cocktail but its perfect bal... would like a breakdown of the best driving tours to include , Rome Venice, Lecce, Naples, etc. Driving this route is sure to deepen your Italian experience and enhancing your understanding of Italian culture. If you want to know more about their service or contact them for any reason, you can check out their website If you want some advice about the accommodation, the place I obviously recommend is where I stayed LA CANTINA DI PI, cheap and lovely, everything was at walking distance and you can park the car for free in the parking lot at 5 min walk. I swear that every time I visit Manarola I put on 4kg in weight! Here, we’ve put together our favorite Italian road trip itineraries—including where to stop, where to stay, and what you’ll see along the way. This Italy road trip will fit in perfectly with my plan. I’ve mostly been a UK and France traveler, but the more I see and read about Italy, especially the ancient cities … ! From my experience with Italians in UK and Italy, I must say that they are group of humble, outgoing and loving people who are masters of enjoying life. 2) MANAROLA: Arguably one of the most photographed towns in Cinque Terre, Manarola is a beautiful place to explore and of course grab a bite to eat! When to go: Shoulder Season (April-May or September-October) This is the best Italy itinerary for someone who wants a really classic experience. Don’t forget to strike “that cheesy pose” when you’re there of course! Roman Castles (or as we call it “Castelli Romani”) are an opportunity to leave the metropolis and immerse yourself in the natural and artistic beauty of the small medieval villages outside Rome. Most Italian cities like Venice are now groaning under the pressure of mass-tourism.which is sad. Click to Check the Hotel! Great post. A good day out. Bologna is known, in Italian language as “la Dotta, la Rossa e la Grassa”:  “the educated one” in a nod to its university, Europe’s oldest; “the red one”, in reference to the terracotta hues of its buildings and the city’s historic communist leanings; and most importantly, “the fat one”, in reference to the delicious food. No wonder it was included in the list of World Heritage sites in 1997. Be well! But despite its flaws, I love Italy. Roadtrip durch Norditalien - was man gesehen haben sollte und was man sich sparen kann - JustMyself. Italy is the perfect place to visit and I would love to explore it more. So, this bubbling and inspiring city definitely should be on your Italy bucket list. Food and wine lovers will do well to enjoy a leisurely drive through the rolling landscape of Casentino Valley. Via Montenapoleone:  If you are in Milan and love Fashion, via Montenapoleone is the place you want to be! I wish they had created this service years ago and that I had discovered it as soon as it was available! We have simply a different approach when it comes to this part of our life, and when we are working we give 110% most of the time. It really depends on the situation I think. The most important thing is to just pack up and come to Italy no matter how you decide to discover it, it’s just too beautiful , KeepCalmAndTravel, a Travel Website Owned By Clelia Mattana I was able to have a great holiday in Sardinia (which is well known for being quite expensive) when I was a penniless student! Pisa and its famous leaning tower has become a symbolic representation of Italy across the globe. What I recommend is going for the food tours. Visit the “Duomo: Famous for its red-tiled dome, colored marble facade & the Giotto tower. And you forgot to mention that for us there are no rules in the escalators. Driving in Italy is an adventure. To be honest with you, it really depends! Delicious breakfast, lovely rooms and parking space. What is The best Italian road trip itinerary for 2 weeks? Check out this amazing experience in here. Not sure if you have visited San Gimignano and Lake Como but they are seriously jaw-dropping locations! These regions don’t quite get the number of foreign tourists (except for the Amalfi Coast, which I have included!) Its invention has revolutionized the entire travel arena. But I must say that my favorite area in Italy is the south. Clelia. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive offers, discounts and the best in food and travel advice across Europe. Now I’m preparing the southern road trip from Rome to the Amalfi coast, super excited as I love that part too . There are so many of the typical “Casali” with the famous Tuscan landscape and trees, I even spotted the gates of the house where the movie “The Gladiator” was shot and saw one of the best sunsets of my life. BONUS TIP: HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR HOTEL BOOKING WITH PRUVO! I didn’t have a car for 8 years and I know every single street, as you can easily walk from the city center to some of the most beautiful buildings and plazas around. Not sure how talking about airlines is relevant on a road trip article… but thanks for stopping by anyway! Travel at your own pace while enjoying plenty of inspiring views of the iconic Tuscan countryside. Indeed we are… I have no idea when this nightmare will be over. The beauty of Turin at sunset: Ponte Isabella over the River Po that divides the city in two. The most famous walks/hikes are the Greenway Del Lago and Spina Verde (suitable for everyone, they will take you to the top spots like Villa del Balbianello). I think this can be said of almost all Italian cities. While the city center still retains it’s ancient vibe with narrow, chaotic streets full of people, some of the most beautiful metro stations of the world are located just below it, highlighting that Neapolitans and Italians in general continue to be great innovators of contemporary times, even if we are obsessed with with our past and aren’t obsessed with becoming “successful” by contemporary definition.
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